Frequently Asked Questions

Who can install a No Blows?

To be covered under our lifetime guarantee and warranty, a licensed plumber must install our product.

Who can buy a No Blows?

Anyone can buy a No Blows for their home! If you’re a homeowner, just be sure to ask a licensed plumber in your area to install it for you.

Is No Blows Australian owned?

Yes, No Blows is 100% Australian owned.

Can I change the length of a No Blows?

We sell the one length (330mm) of tap tail, however, you cut to any length and join with compression fittings.

What is the minimum order size?

No Blows is exclusively available in packs of 10. This quantity reflects the needs of a standard Australian home (laundry, kitchen, 2 bath).

What are the pressure ratings for No Blows?

No Blows are rated to 2,000kPa.

For context: Water mains are 500kPa in pressure, hot water systems are 1,400kPa but most flexi-hoses are only rated from 300-1500kPa.

What does the No Blows WaterMark mean?

The WaterMark is an Australian certification required for all plumbing parts to be legally sold and installed. No Blows is Watermark certified.

Is No Blows lead-free?

Yes, absolutely! No Blows is Australia’s first company in Australia to sell lead-free drinking products.

When do I need to replace a No Blows?

Unlike flexi hoses that need replacing every 5 years, No Blows has outstanding longevity to last you a lifetime