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How to Install No Blows

Guide – No Blow Water Pipe Adaptor

Thank you for your purchase of the No Blow Water Pipe Adaptor. You now have protection against water blow outs.

Please follow our guide to install the No Blow Water Pipe Adaptor.

  • Use a licensed plumber to install.

  • Turn off water supply.

  • Clean all connector threads.

  • Install connector by way of compression or nylon olive.

  • Turn on water and inspect for leaks.

Further information

  • Suitable for hot and cold water
  • Not to be connected to a braided flexi-hose
  • Not suitable for use inside walls, ceiling, underground etc
  • Do not stretch, twist, kink or expose to naked flames or corrosive agents.
  • Do not overtighten nuts.
  • Operating temperature 0*C – 90*C
  • Operating pressure: max 500kPa
  • Using a flexi-hose to extend the no blow water pipe adaptor will void the warranty.

Please see our Product Warranty Guide for more information regarding warranties.

Additional products required for installation

These are the two fittings that are required to fit the 10mm Copper Mixer Tap Tail to 15 mm stop tap. 10 mm x 15 mm copper Joiner,  or 15 mm Fi to 10 mm Mi joiner with 10 mm nylon olive.